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"VedaVihaan The Global School is run by Navdip Educational Trust is a growing chain of play school in Bangalore, India." We started as a growth oriented concept for the children – the future of tomorrow. Our experience over the past years allows us to serve our children in a better way. We have implemented well planned events to make these succeed and learn with fun. Our experienced faculty walk hand in hand with children. We make no gaps to shape the career of this new generation.

Our founding members include Sir K.V. Shivaramaiah, Chairman (Navdip Educational Trust) and Sir Dr. S.Naveen Kumar (General Secretary, Principal).

Why Us?

  • At VedaVihaan The Global School, research-based and individualized learning experiences are a vital part of every program.
  • Our curriculum provides a route to elementary school that may be tailored to each child's need.
  • Our curriculum is meant to be sensitive to children's natural learning processes and adaptable to the demands of developing brains.
  • The pleasant environment @ VedaVihaan The Global School, is warm and loving home-like setting allows kids to experiment and develop their inventive abilities.
  • Through engaging activities, social growth, and skill-building, learning is made simple and enjoyable.
  • Our friendly preschool staff practices best and friendly teaching methodologies.

Our Founders

K.V. Shivaramaiah is the founder of VedaVihaan The Global School. He is professional teacher with many decades of teaching experience. He is a hard working and an experienced teaching personality.

“Education as a career shaper plays a vital role in everyone’s life. The pre-schooling days for kids are fundamental players for their career. At VedaVihaan, we create unique and advanced learning processes for your children. Over my past decades of working as a teacher, I understand the crucial role of a teacher in shaping the life of children. My passion towards teaching allows me to create a tech enabled learning experience for children. We will be delivering the core purpose of upgrading the learning of the young generation. With more happiness, I welcome your child at Veda Vihaan – where we walk extra miles with our children.

Dr. S.Naveen Kumar is the General Secretary and Principal of VedaVihaan The Global School. He is a techno-talent professional with 15 years of serving in multiple organisations. Besides this, he has also worked in many educational domains as talent head.

The young fresh minds are highly absorbing magnetic waves. The young kids are fast enough to catch every message or experiences around them. These fresh experiences revolve in their mind throughout their age. It is very important to fill these fresh minds with quality education and positive approaches. We at Veda Vihaan put much effort on children and involve them in various activities and learning sessions. We let the students learn and explore together with our highly experienced faculty.

We are readily looking forward to welcoming your child at Veda Vihaan. All the best wishes to the newer generation for kick-starting their career.

Vision & Mission


With more value delivering approaches, we want to expand our expertise all across the region. We want to run with broader views and become one of the best platforms to shape the career of children.


Our mission involves adding values in the life of growing children. We want to be compatible enough to add more values in their life. We are looking ahead to bring quality results and meet the trust and faith of the parents who leave their trust on us.

Our Achievements

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